Drone Warfare: Hezbollah Deploys Drones in Syria

August 11, 2016 The New Atlas 

A video included in an article by Iranian media organisation PressTV titled, "Hezbollah drone pounds militant positions in Syria's Aleppo," shows Hezbollah forces deploying drones to observe targets and drop munitions on enemy positions.

The weapon system, while not as sophisticated as industrialised state-sponsored weapon programs like those in the United States, illustrates how modern drone technology is closing the gap, affording developing nations and non-state actors military capabilities once unobtainable.

The ability to observe enemy positions overhead with unmanned aerial platforms, and to deliver ordnance on target without training or risking the life of pilots or invest in the costs associated with modern manned military aviation is increasingly becoming an indispensable capability on the modern battlefield.

National armies around the world might consider developing and training to use similar techniques often possible with even off-the-shelf systems at a fraction of the cost of conventional weapons systems bought from abroad or developed at great cost domestically.

Drones can be used to collect intelligence, coordinate troop movements in real-time, serve as spotters for artillery and even deliver ordnance themselves.

Military budgets could then develop these systems to be more capable and secure as techniques evolve and operational demands present themselves.

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