Thailand: The Opposition's Implausible Deniability

August 13, 2016 The New Atlas 

Attempts are being made to portray any suspicion over the recent Thailand bombings directed at Thaksin Shinawatra, his Pheu Thai Party (PTP) and his street front, the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) as unwarranted, unreasonable, implausible and even "irresponsible."

However, those familiar with Shinawatra and his political forces will recognise this as the same sort of ruthless denial seen many times in the past. The BBC, who now attempts to protect Shinawatra's forces from suspicion, itself reported in 2014 that Shinawatra's political forces warned of "war" should they lose power.

Lacking the amount of support necessary for an actual "war," terrorism would seem like a suitable second choice.

Local media sources favourable to Shinawatra and his supporters have recently reported on comments made by Shinawatra's UDD leadership. They too are attempting to deny any involvement in the bombings after they themselves warned of "war." Furthermore, many of the exact same leaders stood on stage while in 2014, their audience and speakers on stage celebrated the death of several anti-Shinawatra supporters killed during a grenade and gun attack on a demonstration in Trat province.

One of the deaths included a 5 year old girl.

As previously pointed out, it is not a matter of who or why, but rather a matter of how the attacks were carried out.

Shinawatra and his forces have the capacity themselves to carry out attacks, including through the use of professionally trained police still loyal to Shinawatra, as well as border patrol paramilitary groups that may have been employed to carry out violence. There is also the possibility that Shinawatra's foreign sponsors may have employed specialists, as appeared to be the case during last year's August 17 bombing in downtown Bangkok.

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