About The New Atlas

The New Atlas is a media platform providing geopolitical analysis and op-eds.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, but providing analysis and op-eds regarding global geopolitical developments, The New Atlas seeks to provide useful information for policymakers and the public alike.

We provide anonymity to our authors, allowing journalists across Asia to speak their true minds, free of editorial pressure that prevents them from fully expressing their views or publishing important information.

Joseph Thomas: Editor of The New Atlas, based in Bangkok, Thailand.
KL: Thai journalist, writer and translator for The New Atlas.
RS: Thai writer and translator for The New Atlas.

Contributors: The New Atlas invites journalists, analysts and commentators to cross-publish and submit original articles and op-eds. Their views do not necessarily reflect those of The New Atlas, and may even be contradictory. We believe in a balanced view and are confident in our readers' ability to find opposing views equally useful in discerning the middle ground truth usually rests on.

Cross-posted material does not denote a direct association between The New Atlas and other media platforms unless otherwise stated.

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